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“Seeds” is the beginnings, is the origins and the starting point.

Since its inception, we believe our mission is “to create smile and gratitude through the cultivation, harvesting and quality of agricultural products.”

We have conducted business on the basis of material to create “smile”“heart thanks”. Through the producers, vegetables become flowers, our flowers are closely related to human life, our seeds improve the quality of life, a lot of seeds extend different.

And beyond the power of seeds, crops, and production that history has accumulated before our founding, we are giving a new direction for change in agriculture.

We strive to research and develop, produce and sell daily, with honor and responsibility in mind that we deal with all origins of “seeds”.

FARM SEEDS CO.,LTD is the traditional foundation of collective strength as a planting sowing seed company, mastering the dream, promising the future, we will continue to move forward not just now.

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Nguyen Van Thang